Preparing Your Business for The Future Workforce


Vinod Nair
Managing Director
Softline India

The rise of automation has brought a seismic wave of job transition across industries. With technology entering almost every aspect of the workplace, the need to ensure the workforce is equipped with the essential tools, technology, and skills has further escalated. According to a Deloitte report1, 88% of companies believe in the importance of redesigning their work model. Looking at such a scope of change, business leaders need to rethink their roles and become more proactive to realize transformation and drive enhanced business outcomes.

As digital continues to transform the business landscape, successful organizations of the future will likely be those that will quickly embrace the new reality, optimize their structure, processes, and culture to navigate these unexpected and gradual changes, while adjusting to the dynamic market environments. For Softline India, powering the modern workforce with end-to-end technology solutions and enabling effective transformation is the gamechanger to secure resiliency and business continuity. And we are dedicatedly working towards this mission by working closely on the transformation journey of our enterprise customers.

Reevaluating L&D to Secure Business Growth

Recent market disruptions have necessitated the need to adopt a forward-thinking approach to strategically anticipate future skills, innovate, and remain competitive. Organizations today need to ensure that their employees are equipped with the right tools and technology to enable seamless collaboration, connectivity, and productivity across multiple locations. According to a survey by Mckinsey2, online collaboration tools and digital workplaces facilitate increased productivity by up to 30%.

To overcome anticipated business challenges for preparing for the future of work, technology has emerged as a key enabler in effecting the much-needed change. According to a VMWare report3, 87% of CIOs believe digitally empowering their employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue growth over three years. Furthermore, the impact of algorithmic economics based in AI and machine learning will likely be transformative for the eventual fate of work.

Some of the critical aspects of enabling a prospering future include:

  • Preparing workforce for AI’s imminent impact.
  • Offering accessible solutions.
  • Incorporating flexible working hours.
  • Enhancing employee experiences through intelligent tools & technology.
  • Integrate contingent and autonomous workers into space requirements.

Having a team that is well-adept at solving complex business challenges, Softline India serves as an influential partner for enterprises in driving their transformation journey. Our customer-first approach allows us to consolidate technology expertise for offering brand-independent solutions which best serves our customer needs. Several use cases bear testimony on how enterprises are able to leverage our competency and extensive resources to effectively enable digital transformation and unlock a new world of possibilities.

The Way Forward

The future of the workforce may be uncertain, but it is undeniably exciting. A recent report by the World Economic Forum4 states that 75 million jobs could be displaced by 2022 due to the onslaught of machines and algorithms. However, this very trend is also expected to create approximately 133 million new job roles. While it ensures greater freedom and flexibility at work for employees more than ever before, organizations can leverage this opportunity to maximize productivity and enhance business outcomes. What will remain crucial is enabling a hybrid workplace that is an amalgamation of both in-office and remote employees. Organizations need to create a strategic approach for bringing in policies around employee’s experience of technology, digital upskilling, inclusivity, collaboration, and employee wellbeing into their existing business models.

Change, I believe will be the only constant in the years to come. But, with the right approach, tools, and support, you can add value not just to your customers but also the next-gen workforce. One key learning which I have had in my corporate life is that collaboration and communication can open a new realm of possibilities and untapped opportunities of growth.