Rebounding Stronger in 2022: Key Predictions for SMBs


Himangshu Baruah
Director of Marketing
APAC India at Softline

Himangshu Baruah is the Director of Marketing for APAC & India at Softline. He has been with the company since it started its operations in India in 2014. With a vast and rich experience in the field of Marketing strategy creation, management and execution, he leads Softline’s cross region team of marketers in their efforts at establishment of Softline as a global brand amongst other marketing activities.

2021 was a year of opportunity for SMBs to rebuild themselves and embrace the new digital-first model of business. Predicting what lies next, 2022 will bring in more possibilities and challenges as organizations continue adapting to a digitally enabled future.

With rapid change in dynamics of the market, it is essential for SMBs to stay ahead of the pack by leveraging technology. Here are some strategy improvements that can ensure business excellence for SMBs in 2022 and beyond.

Digital is a continuum

The future calls for the emergence of digital-ready SMBs. We’re seeing an exponential push towards a changed mindset and the rapid adoption of ultramodern technologies like IoT, data analytics, mobile-first solutions, and AI/ML. Growing businesses are digitalizing employee and customer experiences to stay competitive in the new reality. Fast-paced transformation is also key to operational efficiency, value creation, customer-centricity, and reviving relationships.

Cloud is the way forward

Cloud empowers businesses to

  • accelerate innovation,
  • enable hybrid work,
  • create a digital services delivery pipeline, and
  • Rethink customer experiences.

With the democratization of technology, businesses are moving towards enterprise-wide cloud migration to optimize resilience, scalability, infrastructure, risk, and cost.

Diverse talent acquisition is a new business imperative

Digital skills requirements, new work structures, and changing employee expectations are transforming the talent pool more than ever. Together, these forces are catalyzing the emergence of a highly competitive workforce ecosystem, well adept to function in the digital workspace. Employers are focusing on diversification of skill sets at their disposal and shifting away from traditional hiring protocols to achieve competitive differentiation.

Employee enablement is everything

The rapidly evolving market conditions demand that organizations invest in workforce training and development to build their roadmap for success. Even entry-level, inexperienced talent needs to be enabled with the right tools and technologies. Equally important is a flexible workplace culture that offers employees the leeway to work from anywhere. The changing times are also centered on the human element – breaking down silos and fostering trust and empathy with employees to boost their learning, retention, and engagement.

Agile solution delivery matters more than anything

An ever-transforming business environment demands customer-centricity and the building of innovative solutions to maximize business resilience. Bringing the right solutions at the right time through the right delivery channels creates opportunities for leadership, sustained customer relationships, and business growth. Organizations must implement high-quality software delivery modes to enhance their responsiveness to customer needs. Fast-paced adaptation to new technological, industrial, and cultural trends alone can accelerate business change.

Empowering SMBs to be Productive Anywhere, Anytime

A culture of innovation, modern capabilities, cross-functional team integration, and constant improvements are more crucial today than ever before. SMBs need cutting-edge technology solutions that help them realize these goals. Designed for hybrid work, Softline Digital Workplace Solutions empower small and medium enterprises to push the limits of productivity, efficiency, and flexibility – anywhere, anytime, and every time. Bringing the promise of security and agility, the solutions supercharge your workforce to get the most out of their workday and deliver outcomes that matter the most for your business.